What a Night

What a Night | Ep 6

Regenerate! Woman using gun’s laser sight to play with cat shoots friend Man swallowed by whale expects public to swallow his story To do lists Canadian man charged for flying his helicopter to a Dairy Queen to pick up ice cream cake

What a Night | Ep 5

Facebook spreads disinformation People are still protesting mask mandates Mt Everest is getting slammed with COVID-19 Car Names – You’re Saying it Wrong Lost apple varieties

What a Night | Ep 4

Featuring: Corn on the Cob Cake TikTokers prove snow in Texas is Fake Cocaine-covered Corn Flakes PS5 Scalpers Pandemic Haircut Awards Tiny House-shaped Humidifiers Make Excellent Housewarming Gifts Arizona Man Fakes Own Kidnapping

What a Night | Ep 3

This week: Venus has the hots for life Murder Hornet hitman Top 5 Condiments Job interviewing over ZOOM