What a Night | Ep. 2

This is the first show I’ve done since the Black Lives Matter movement has reignited around the world, and I wanted to just take a minute to focus on it, for my humble audience of friends and family.

Lot’s of smart people are bringing solutions to the table — and knowledge — so I’ve included a list of links here with this episode. In my show notes I have links to videos, articles, and ways to use your own money to help.

Also in this episode:

  • Special guest, magician Tyler Twombly
  • TV shows as food dishes
  • Brian Draws the States

Vox.com: What “Defund the Police” really means
NPR.org: ‘Me And White Supremacy’ Helps You Do The Work Of Dismantling Racism
Forbes: Minneapolis City Council Unanimously Votes to Replace Police
Black Lives Matter